Tilling Tidings (05/14/21)

This month is packed full just as our garden is really growing into full swing. Last week, my fiance graduated college- I couldn’t be more proud! Now as we edge closer to the new house, we pay close attention to what will soon be feeding us.

We now have almost everything out of the greenhouse and into the ground, Strawberries, peppers, peas, everything but the zucchini rests happily out in the dirt. It’s been an unusually cool and dry May, and I’ve been hoping it won’t stunt the growth of our plants too badly. We’ve been watering of course, but when the sky does it for free but refuses to, that’s just rude.

We have had a bit of trouble with deer this year. I should have knocked on wood back when I endorsed Irish Spring soap! It has been working for us for two years now, but it seems the deer have unfortunately wised up, and are after our sweet potatoes (and only? Sweet Potatoes?) with a deadly accuracy. I’m hoping as construction starts right next to the garden, the deer will be newly spooked. If not, well, we’ll have to put that new jerky machine to use. Or teach them to read and put a sign up that says “there is nothing here worth dying for.”

Yes, teaching deer to read, that’s en entirely feasible and worthwhile endeavor. Lord.

RIP, Sweet Potato

Despite my griping, we actually have had some good news. For mother’s day, I got Mothra a blueberry bush, and it’s already got big, fat, juicy berries on it. Score! The strawberry plant (the big one) is also producing a few strawberries. (3. It has produced 3. Delicious!) I’m pretty sure one of the blueberry bushes, the little ones, isn’t doing so well, but the other one has a brand new patch of leaf growth, and I’m very proud of it for doing its best out there in the jungle of the yard.

I still need to plant the blueberry bush, of course, but until mom decides where the lovely northern high bush, bluejay variety, will plant its roots for real, it seems content in its wee pot. Now, to get it some friends its own height so it can pollinate proper.

And of course, what tilling tiding would be complete without an update on the apple trees? After much research and deliberation, I have decided not to cover the Gala, Fuji, or the Winesap in preparation for Brood X, which is… technically already here. Nine out of ten gardeners I’ve talked to say that the creatures will do my plants no harm, and I’ve decided to believe them. so now it’s just time to watch them grow, and I admit I am quite proud of all the new shoots sneaking out of their woody little bodies.

Until next time, everyone.

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