A pale white hand clad in pink fleece, cradling the beginnings of a Gala apple tree

Hold On to What is Good…

…Even if it is a handful of dirt.

Just a neurodiverse adult on a quest not to rely on the world around my (literal) hilltop. Feel free to join me as we document the growth of trees, the collection of butt nuggets, and the existential dread that comes from being a very small human under a very uncaring sky.

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About Me

Yo, I’m Ash. I grew up on a farm in Tennessee, and never really left the hills. I’m ready to make mistakes, get covered in dirt, and aggressively promote neurodiversity. Welcome to a record of my and my husband’s attempts of cultivating a 90-degree angle with nothing but some blueberry bushes and gumption. They/Them. Not Christian.

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