Beltane 2021

This May marks the day of one of my favorite festivals on the Wheel of the Year: the day of spring melting into the heat, the world renewing as the god and goddess discover each other, fall in love, and then consummate that love. All the while, buttercups and sage and lettuce raise their heads to the sky, and swarms of bees pass by in search of a new home for themselves and their queen.

This is quickly becoming my favorite time of year in general- don’t tell summer I said that!

This Beltane was the first I was able to celebrate with others. Thanks to Tennessee being aggressively Christian, and its people even more so, it was difficult to find other folks of the craft. Even though COVID-19 made finding each other even more difficult, in other ways it helped us band together when we did. It was exciting and affirming to share this time of years with others, and celebrate together as one.

This path is not for everyone, but I’m glad I found others along the road. I’m grateful not to be alone.

To celebrate this year, we all gathered on a field on our minister’s farm and danced around the may pole. I’ll admit it was difficult, since many of us hadn’t had the opportunity to dance around the maypole in person, so we kept getting confused. And I, at 4’11”, had difficulty raising my ribbon around some of the taller members of our group.

That being said, I believe the difficulties is what made it more fun.

From the wind popping our ring (resulting in our minister having to ride a tractor bucket to pull it back down), to forgetting where we were in the dance, to the sunburns sustained afterwards because I forgot the sun was a thing after last year, it was a blast.

And the fire afterward (of course holy s’mores were a thing in the ceremonial fire) was a great time of dancing and drumming and singing and enjoying the sunset as it fell above us, revealing the open dark of the stars.

This was a delightful spring day, and I hope we can do it all again next year.

I don’t have a poetic ending, I’m just happy. I hope you all had a beautiful Beltane as well, for those who celebrate it. May Litha be just as fun. So mote it be.

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