Tilling Tidings (04/16/21)

The weather has been warm and the plants stretch their green fingers to the sky. Sweaters are packed away in favor of sundresses and yellow. All around us, spring is blossoming forth, and the Easter Lilies sit in their pot, as late as ever.

Happy garden, the last vestiges of grass waiting to be tilled.

In years past, this garden was primarily the domain of my mother and father, as I was away at college or working. Since I’m home more often and will be living nearby, I’ve decided to try and work on it. The biggest issue is the rocks. My parents simply aren’t the type to go out and get the copious rocks from the garden, and the little ones are notorious for being unable to tell a rock from a dirt clod.

Bless their hearts.

I’ve been taking this time to go out every night after work to get as many stones out of the garden as I can before the dark can set in, and I do believe that I’ve amassed quite a pile. Any idea what to do with them all?

(I was thinking fire pit, but I’d love to hear your ideas for them.)

We’ve had to keep a few of our plants in the greenhouse this week due to an unusual chill in the evenings. The peas have been especially appreciative of this, though they’ll soon outgrow the tiny space we’ve allotted for them. Later today we’ll be setting up the trellis for them to really get stretched out, and I admit I am quite excited to eat them straight off the vine later this year.

Partially open to let them have a breath

Mothra arrived with these last night?
The dogwood, still needing a home

I do still need to pick out a place for the dogwood to rest, but that will be later on this weekend. In the meantime, it seemed to be quite content in its little pot, sprouting leaves like crazy. Speaking of leaves, the apple trees are really hitting their stride with them. Everyone’s got a healthy coating of leaves, and soon I’ll need to cover them in preparation for Brood X.

Gala tree, absolutely Thriving.
The Fuji has almost overtaken the Gala!
The Winesap has caught up!

The pecan trees had little change to them this week, and so I’ve elected not to include them. They’re still but wee sticks. Ugly stage. Infants. Otherwise, the plain is overgrown with buttercups and these beautiful red flowers that I don’t know the name of. It’s a shame I’ll have to mow them down, they’re so pretty. Alas.

The blueberries are also doing well. The frost hit the big one hard, but it appears to be going through a large growth spurt so I’m letting it be for now, and the little ones have finally bounced back in terms of leaf growth. I need to start putting more coffee grounds around them now that the weather has ramped up, possibly supplying them with even more acid with something else to see what works best.

It’s a busy time here as spring explodes into life and my t-shirts finally see the sun. Animals and insects are enjoying the warm weather, and the field buzzes (quite literally) with activity. Soon it will be time to paint the rocks to be strawberries and net the rest of the fruiting plants to protect them from the hungry neighbors.

Now, if only I could catch that rabbit…

You can just barely see his little white tail…

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