The Tilling Tidings (04/09/21)

As the frost date finally passes our cozy little farm, it was finally time to take the seeds out and plant them in the garden. The air was cool and the breeze felt nice as we slid the onions into their respective rows. We’ve had such good weather. So far, so good- knock on wood of course.

The strawberries are eager to escape the greenhouse!
A few of our bigger plants: tomatoes and peppers
The snap peas look like little fingers at this stage!

This is what the darlings looked like as they finally left the greenhouse. I hope they like their new home in the ground. Our dirt here is a mixture of clay and topsoil, though I’m hoping to work on improving the soil this weekend. We clear out rocks every year, but somehow they just keep coming back. I guess that’s why we’re called “rocky top”. Maybe the rabbits who’ve been nibbling my blueberry bush can help out…

The sun was just starting to set as we planted…
Every imperfection is a rock

We ended up having to plant the rest the next morning, as we were rapidly losing daylight. Still, before we ended the day and slid into the shower, I went out to check on how the apple trees and berry bushes were doing. I admit I did not check on the pecans; frankly, I couldn’t find them in the dark.

Still, I was pleasantly surprised to see the progress the trees have been making despite the earlier chill. The Gala is absolutely Thriving out here, its leaves are everywhere and it’s definitely taller than when I last saw it! The Fuji seems to have caught up a bit, finally getting its leaves and trying to catch up with its overachieving brethren. I was pleased to see the Winesap also finally adding some leaves to its slender frame. Since I’m most excited for its fruit, I was a wee bit concerned when it didn’t have anything more than a few leaf buds there for a bit. All is forgiven, Winesap. Now grow!

The Winesap buds at last!
Gala out here living its best life!
Fuji finally caught up! Grow, baby! Grow!

The blueberries still aren’t doing very well, but given that they are not dead, I will take what I can get. I do believe a rabbit has been nibbling at those leaves, so I’ll have to catch the little (cuss) and protect the plant. Hopefully when my house is nearby, the rabbit will be too spooked by my human presence to bother the berries.

Maybe if I peed on them…

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