Beginning a Home… Stead

We are right at the beginning of building a home here on the hill. A small plateau is where the thing will eventually sit, so I can quite literally say that I have to walk uphill both ways to get home. Even with the hike, I am grateful for this gifted land. In the distance, we can see the hills. In my thighs is the power to crush watermelons. I love this place.

Nothing but blue skies and the occasional tornado

Unlike many of my homesteading peers, I prefer to have everything according to regulation. I don’t have to worry about fines or folks coming onto my land (though we’re so rural even Mormons fear to tread here), and the regulations in place are those I can see the logic of; to keep my family and I safe in this karst terrain. This does not mean I don’t begrudge the bureaucracy of everything, however. Building a house is one giant clicking adventure game. You need this to gain this. You need that to advance to the next area. None of it will give you the ability to shoot fire from your hands. Alas.

One thing I did recently gain, however, was a sewer permit. The land has been acquired. A surveyor is coming to make the final adjustments, the perc fellow has dug his holes in our yard and declared it safe to dig a sewer hole to hide the poop, because I’m sorry folks but I refuse to compost human waste. High key sensory nope here. I am prepared to die on this hill. Pun intended.

Either way, the next step is to finalize it all so that I can slide into the local post office DMs and request an address, then the builders will know where to put it, and we can get to creating the driveway, and I can line it with forsythias and know where to plant even more blueberries.

While we wait for the surveyor and all the other intricacies of making human habitation, I have been trying to content myself with research for my own homestead. Books like The Backyard Homestead and Back to Basics and How to Be Self-Sufficient on 1/4 Acre litter my shelves, I find myself grateful for the Libby app, which allows you to access the entire state’s electronic library with one library card for free. I’d highly recommend it for those just starting out or even veterans, it’s been really helpful to brainstorm my own homestead and figure out how to milk every inch of this good dirt.

There is one part I can’t seem to make interesting, however: mail boxes.

Is there a dinosaur mail box?

There better be a dinosaur mail box.

Send me links to your favorite obnoxious mailboxes, I need thievery inspiration.

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